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Peruvian Bros x Salt & Sundry Sugar + Spice Gift

We've teamed up with the Peruvian Brothers, our Union Market district neighbors, to bring you this sweet and spicy gift that hits all the right notes.

The gift features two housemade hot sauces from the Peruvian Brothers. They started bottling their Rocoto Hot Sauce after their food truck customers returned to the truck over and over to ask for more sauce. They import the Rocoto peppers from Peru. In addition to the popular Rocoto Hot Sauce, they also recently debuted a Smoky, Sweet & Spicy sauce with medium heat and plenty of flavor.

Each bottle is topped with tiny Peruvian hats called "chullos" — all hand-stitched by women artisans in the mountains of Peru. 

We've added the sugar to their spice with a bottle of our favorite spicy honey and a whiskey infused dark chocolate bar. 

This gift includes:

  • €34.00